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Overview of This Kindle Book

Chapter 1

Pete and Sam – A Buy-Sell Agreement Story

Chapter 2

What is a Buy-Sell Agreement and Why Yours Won’t Work

Chapter 3

The Moving Parts of a Buy-Sell Agreement

Chapter 4

Categories and Types of Buy-Sell Agreements

Chapter 5

Trigger Events – Those Things That Happen

Chapter 6

Fixed Price Buy-Sell Agreements

Chapter 7

Formula Buy-Sell Agreements

Chapter 8

The Defining Elements That Must Be Present in Every Valuation Process Agreement

Chapter 9

Funding Mechanisms for Buy-Sell Agreements and the Often Overlooked Danger of Life Insurance

Chapter 10

Multiple-Appraiser Valuation Process Agreements

Chapter 11

The Recommended Structure – Single Appraiser, Select Now and Value Now Agreements

Chapter 12

Other Important Aspects of Buy-Sell Agreements


What Should You Do Now?

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