Estate Planning magazine reviews Buy-Sell book

My new book, Buy-Sell Agreements for Closely Held and Family Business Owners, was just reviewed in the February 2011 issue of Estate Planning (fee to subscribe).

After noting that “unforeseen events must always be acknowledged in business” in reference to the many things that can happen to trigger buy-sell agreements, the review goes on to say:

The author, a leading authority on business valuation issues, has fashioned a work that is at once concise, direct, practical, informative, and entertaining. Each of its 20 compact chapters begins with a topical conversation between “Pete,” a business consultant who is advising his client, “Sam,” a major partner in a closely held company…

I used the continuing conversation between Pete and Sam to personalize some of the issues that face business owners.  I’m glad that the reviewer appreciated the conversations.  Their purpose is to illustrate, one bite at a time, what can go wrong with buy-sell agreements when life’s “unforeseen events” come along.  With buy-sell agreements, these are called “trigger events,” likely because one or more parties to a buy-sell agreement are likely to have a proverbial loaded gun to their heads when a death, termination or other trigger occurs.  The review concludes:

This work is exceptionally reader-friendly, abounding with checklists, illustrations, appropriate flow-charts, and tables — all presented in an easy-to-follow, conversational tone.  Whether approached from the advisor side of the equation or from the perspective of a business owner, this is a provocative guide to an important and often neglected aspect of business planning and practice.  Must reading for anyone involved with a closely held business. (emphasis added)

The book,